Strategies that increase business profits

Increasing Bee Business Revenue

Strategies that increase business profits provide a firm foundation reflecting who you are and who your customers are.

Therefore, how you portray your business is critical to a mutually profitable relationship with your customers.

5 C’s of Content That Works

How to run a content audit
  1. Clear
  2. Customer Focused
  3. Competitive
  4. Conversion Optimized
  5. Consistent
Content marketing furthers business goals.

“The creation and promotion of text, video, audio, or image-based content that furthers business goals.”

SEO copywriting increases organic search results.

“The practice of increasing the qantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search results.”

As a bee business owner you want strategies that incease business profits

Hand holding up a phone means mobile responsiveness increases profits.
  • Increased awareness and engagement
  • More leads
  • Many new customers
  • Sell more to customers you have
  • Positive reviews
  • More referrals

Your customers want…

Beekeeper with computer and bee hives.
  • Solutions to their problems… and
  • They want the solutions now

4 steps in your customers’ buying journey…

  1. Research
  2. Compare
  3. Buy
  4. Succeed or post purchase

Each of the 4 steps have strategies to increase your bee business profits.

Most importantly, they speak to potential and current customers exactly where they are in their buying process.

Research stage includes strategies that speak directly to the potential customer.

Buyers in the research stage need strategies that increase business profits by driving authority, awareness, engagement and leads.

For example, include blog posts, email newsletters, web pages and more.

Compare stage includes strategies that help make informed buying decisions.

When a buyer is in the comparison stage, design strategies that increase business profits by helping them make informed buying decisions.

For instance, include comparison pages, product demonstrations, FAQ pages and more.

Buy stage includes strategies that drives direct sales.

For buyers in the buying stage, include strategies that drive direct sales.

In other words, include sales letters, product pages, and more.

Succeed stage includes strategies that increase business profits.

The post-purchase stage needs strategies to make sure the customer is very satisfied with the purchase to drive retention.

Therefore, include support pages, blog posts, email newsletters and more.

Strategies that increase business profits reveal:

  • Who your current and potential customers are
  • What problems they have
  • What the solutions are

Therefore, you need to give them what they need and want and give it to them NOW.

Here’s what you can expect when you contact me:

The Discovery Call

During your initial contact we will schedule a discovery call at a time that is good for both of us. Certainly you can have others on the call with you.

The discovery call may take up to 90 minutes. I’ll ask you some questions about your company and goals and what assets you have in place now. Moreover, discussions will reveal your business goals and customers’ characteristics.

If at the end of the discovery call we agree that I can add value to your company I will send you a customized proposal designed to include strategies that increase business profits.

In conclusion, I’m not always the right fit for all businesses, and I’ll be the first to tell you. If either of us doesn’t think I’m a good fit to help you I’ll do my best to point you to someone that can help you.

Customized Strategy & Proposal

I’ll send you a customized proposal and strategy that outlines the specific steps I’ll take along with each deliverable you’ll receive and when. In addition my proposal will also clearly outline my fees and next steps.

I charge 50% of the project fee up front and the other 50% when the project is completed.